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These are a durable and tough hi-vis plastic mushroom shaped rebar protection cap that sits on the top of any protruding steel and reinforcement bars.

They help to reduce construction site accidents by clearly identifying the presence of the steel, particularly when they are in a dangerous position. Tapered fit ensures a tight hold.

These rebar mushroom caps are a must if you want to improve the safety of any persons working close to or with rebars.

Also suitable for use with fencing pins and road pins.

Alternative Names:
Mushroom caps
Mushroom End Caps
Mushroom Rebar Caps
Rebar Caps
Rebar Identification Caps
Rebar Mushroom Caps
Rebar Protection Caps
Rebar Safety Caps
Rebar Safety End Identification Caps
Reinforcement Bar Safety Caps
Safety Caps
Safety End Identification Caps
Starter Bar Protection Caps
Survey Marker Rebar Cap