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The ProSolve™ Hi-Vis Fluorescent paint aerosol, is a very high quality and fast drying acrylic ‘all angle’ marker paint. Its hard wearing, lead and xylene free formulation is designed to produce excellent fluorescent marks and lines on a range of indoor and outdoor surfaces, including concrete, metal, tarmac, wood and composites.

Now with new swivel safety cap.

Designed to create the best florescent marks possible, our ProSolve™ Hi-Vis spray can be applies to a range of surfaces and isn’t easily washed away and comes in a wide range of colours; the 500ml cans hold plenty of paint for long lasting application.

Even during the day, this ProSolve Hi-Vis Fluorescent spray brightens hazards and keeps people safe. This ‘glow in the dark paint’ also provides a superior glow.

Traditionally it’s used in a vast range of industries including surveying, construction, warehousing, logistics and forestry etc and is especially useful where brighter marks and lines are needed (shaded and dark areas etc).